April 27, 2016

Anne Roelandt

Anne ROELANDT is the Managing partner and Vice-President of Luc Petit CREATION.
She is in charge of the management and the artistic production of the company.
Passionate about shows and entertainment, she left teaching to set up her own association in the sector of theatre arts, dance, circus, fairground arts and street theatre.
Wanting to further add to her knowledge of the events sector, she enrolled at IAD in the stage production section where she met Luc Petit, leading to their collaboration led her to the founding of the company Luc Petit CREATION where she was made responsible for the management and artistic production of the projects. The needs of every production mean that her work is varied and different every time.
She has managed projects such as DECROCHER LA LUNE for Franco DRAGONE, BESIX, AMWAY CHINA, Telenet, METINVEST for FILMMASTER GROUP and PETER PAN , arena show, « Discovery of a new world » in Harbin .
Since 2015, a lot of projects she managed were highlighted :
« Texas Aggies go to war » in Bastogne for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the
Ardennes, for which Luc Petit CREATION and TEMPORA, were awarded the « Trophée
de l’Evénement Exceptionnel » in Cannes.
INFERNO show for the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo for which they received eight
awards at the European Best Event Award 2015.
Décrocher la lune VI , the show that received 4 Awards at the EUBEA (European Best
Event Awards) in Saint-Petersbourg in 2016.

Таа е креативниот ум кој стои зад мноштвото наградени проекти и настани со престижни признанија и е Генерален партнер и потпретседател на Luc Petit CREATION. Со својата исклучителна пасија кон театарот, магијатна на вистинските шоуа, забавата, циркусот и уличниот театар, Ан е одговорна за менаџирањето и уметничката продукција на проектите. Во нејзиното импресивно резиме се вбројуваат проектите како DECROCHER LA LUNE за Franco DRAGONE, BESIX, AMWAY CHINA, Telenet, METINVEST за FILMMASTER GROUP и арена шоуто PETER PAN , , « Discovery of a new world » во Харбин. Проектот « Texas Aggies go to war » е награден со престижната награда « Trophée
de l’Evénement Exceptionnel » во Кан, шоуто INFERNO, по повод 20 годишнината од Битката кај Ватерло е наградено со 8 награди на European Best Event Award 2015, додека Décrocher la lune VI е наградено со 4 награди на EUBEA (European Best Event Awards) во Санкт Петербург, во 2016та.